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Best Wordpress Tutorial For The Beginners

Hi friends,

You’ll be happy to know that I’m going to start a Wordpress A to Z blogging serial/tutorial from today. This will be the one among all best wordpress tutorials ever you seen. It’ll continue until a new reader turned into a well-known blogger. Here you can be given all the solutions about the potential problems for creating a website or blog using WordPress. You’ll be known the methods of making a dynamic blog also. I wish it’ll help the new bloggers to acquire a good knowledge on WordPress platform. So let’s start...

best wordpress tutorials

Something about Best Wordpress Tutorial

All the tutorials are not best for learning the main goal. I think this will be the best as I tried to present all the steps very clearly with related pictures or screenshots. So this will be one from the best wordpress tutorials.

What is Website?

A website is a combination or collection of some web pages. Like http://www.blogland.info/ is a website which contains a lot of web pages. If you type http://www.blogland.info/ on your any web browser and click on browse or go, then which page will appear in front is called the website. This is the homepage of http://www.blogland.info/. Homepage of a website contains almost all the page links of a lot of web pages. A Homepage of a website is like the cover page of a book.

What is Webpage?

A Webpage is a presentation of required information. A web page may contain text, image, and videos etc.

Necessity of Website :

A website can easily deliver the information to the society people. So we can communicate at a speed with others. Now, we don’t need to write letters to inform about our thinking, situation and other activities to others and don’t need to wait a week to get the reply from them. We can easily keep communication using email, phones and social sites with our family, friends and the whole society people. We get the live updates of any incidents happened around the world in a moment. If you want to get the live score of any game, go to the game live score and live score offering website and enjoy the game like a present spectator!

A Website is very necessary for business. All the companies should have to a good website to keep a connection with the consumers. It helps to increase their business.

Necessity things of Business Website:

  • Article about the companies products and services on the website.
  • Images of the product.
  • Advantages of communicating with the clients and employees.

    What made the Website?

    Several languages are used to create websites. Such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, DIV and Database(MYSQL).

    So you start to thinking about “Is it possible to know so much programming languages? ” As all the students are not IT student. Still, some of the students can not develop any website although the read in IT. Some of the others of IT students can not create websites but they can develop.

    Here is the main point!

    It is not the fact that you are an IT student or not. Wordpress has come on the revolution to overcome the problem. So, you don’t need to be worried. Anybody can easily create any kinds of dynamic (Static also) website using the WordPress within a short time. There are 5 best wordpress themes which you can use them to make your blog or website dynamic and beautiful. To overcome all the restrictions for all the learners, some of the best wordpress tutorials are available in online. Anybody can learn from these tutorials.

    Thank you so much for reading the lesson-1. I’ll be seen in next article with the lesson-2 if you share this article and inspire me offering a comment in below.

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