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What Is Website

Hi dears, Today I am going to present you the conception about a website. Actually, today’s world has become the Internet world. We can think one single day without it at the present time and the uses of internet is getting wider. So the importance of it is rising high day by day.
what is website
The world is getting digital for the contribution of internet. We can say now, it’s constant thing for our each and every day.

What does mean website?

Website is a coleection of some web pages. Such as, BlogLand is a website or blog which is consist of some web pages. To understand better, open this link in a browser where you’ll find different pages.

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Differences between Website and Blog:

Website and Blog means the same meaning although have some differences between them. Blogs is also a collection of some pages like websites. Actually, blogs are made for personal use and websites are made for organizations. Almost every organization have one website or more. It helps to increase their business.

What is Web Pages:

Every website or blog contains one or more webpages. A web page is a collection of various informations included images, audios or videos.

What makes website?

Different programming languages are used to create websites. Such as, HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP and MySQL etc.

Now probably, you’ve started thinking that, how can you able to create a website where you don’t know any of the above language! Yeah, It is very simple that every person may not have the knowledge about programming language. Moreover, although you may be a computer science student, you may not have the enough programming knowledge to create a website. But you shouldn’t be worried about it because you can make a website without knowing a single line of programming of any language. Yes! Wordpress has created the opportunity. Anybody can make a good and beautiful designed website or blog using wordpress who is totally unknown about programming. You can start making a responsive and beautifull website from right now. Here is the all steps I have shown in next articles. You’ll be able to make money from the blog you are going to create.

What is the need of a Website:

If you’re a businessman or if you have an organization, a website can increase your business largely. If you’re well in any subjects and if you like to work independently and earn a lot of money like any govt. job, a website or blog can give you the opportunity. Numerous people earn their livelihood from internet creating good websites.

  • To increase business
  • To keep communication with clients
  • To provide update informations to the people
  • To make money
  • To keep personal informations
  • And what not!

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