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How To Make A Blog On Blogger

How to make a blog? It has a so simple and easy answer for the dedication of Blogger, a well-known platform powered by Google which is used to create blogs largely. It is one of the most popular platform for blogging among all the others. Blogs are created in this platform, are very SEO-friendly and user-friendly. Anybody can create a blog in this platform performing some easy steps. Today I am gonna show you these simple steps. Just follow me and at the end of the article you’ll get an awesome looking and user-friendly blog. WordPress is also a popular blogging platform. Here have a look to learn the differance between Blogger and Wordpress.
how to make a blog

#How to make a blog on Blogger- Step by step

You have to create a Gmail or google account before making a blog on re-known platform Blogger. As Blogger and Gmail are both the service of Google, you can create your blog using your Gmail account.   So, make sure you have a Gmail account or if not, create one here “how to make a google account” just in 2 min. Let’s think, you have a Gmail account or created a few minutes ago and now we are going to make a blog on Blogger.

  1. First, Login to your Gmail account with your email address and password.
  1. Then, you have to browse Blogger official website. For this, open your browser ( Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.) and type www.blogger.com on the address bar. Then press "Enter" or click on "Go".
  • Sign in to your blogger account.
  1. After opening the blogger dashboard, click on the crawl bar in the top-left side and go to the last and here you’ll find “New blog”. Click on “New blog” and a pop-up window will open. In this window, you have to fill up some information about your upcoming blog.
First, give the title. From here, write the proper title for your blog. Then choose the address or domain name of your blog. As it’s a free blogging platform, your domain name will be looked like www.yourdomain.blogspot.com.  Domain choosing strategies should be considered at the time of choosing of your blog’s domain name. One of the main strategy is domain name should be keyword based. Then choose a default template and click on “Create blog” option. After a few moments, your blog will be created and ready to write posts and to optimize.

  1. To write your first post, click on “Create a new post”. Here are the full steps of creating new posts in a Blogger blog.
  1. Default templates are not SEO optimized and user-friendly. So you should change it. Numerous beautiful and SEO friendly templates are in online. Read this to choose the best theme for your blog. Choose and download a good looking and SEO optimized theme.Then click on “Template” to change the default template of your blog.Click on “Backup/ Restore” and a pop-up window will appear. From this window, click on "Browse" and select the template which you downloaded before. This file should be in text (.txt) format. Then click on “Upload” and wait for a while. While uploading will be finished, click on “View blog” to see the change.

  1. Then you need to describe your blog in short what about it. To set the short description of your blog click on “Settings” from the left bar and then select “Description”. A writable place will be opened and write there the description and the click on “Save changes” to finish the process.

The normal work for your blog has been done.  To make SEO optimized your blog you can add a robots.txt file and a sitemap in your Google Webmaster Tool. Click on the Social Media Icons and please share this article if you find a single useful line. Thanks for loving this!

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