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[Latest] How To Start A Blog With BlueHost In 15 Minutes

Start blogging is a combination of some steps that can be done in less than 15 minutes. Anybody from anywhere can do this easily. I have a greate experience on how to start a blog. I did it within 15 minutes just on my study table. Today, I am telling the experience of mine.
how to start a blog with bluehost
I am a Computer Engineering. So the attraction to computer always on my mind. One day, subconsciously I agreed myself to start a new blog seeing the success of the well known blogger Robin Khokhar (The owner and CEO of Tricky Enough). I thought it wouldn’t be bad for searching a better income source before finishing my education and getting a govt. or high paying private company job. So, I take my laptop and start to see some articles on blog starting process. After sometime, I got the full idea and start to execute. Yes! I made my blog within 15 minutes. And it was on the very popular platform Wordpress and popular hosting provider Bluehost. Here I am going to share my that day’s experience. And I will tell you the secret how I made blog money making. So, Let’s start from some basic idea on important tools.

Blog is just a like a continues book where you write your thinking on something important to others. Any topic can be selected for a blog. You can write on any. It should be written on a topic in where you are expert.

Wordpress is blogging platform, a content management system that is used by most of the bloggers. It’s vey user friendly and flexible. I personally recommend you to use this awesome tool to crate and maintain your blog.

Bluehost is one of the most hosting service provider in the internet space. It’s user-friendy and trusted. It provides hastle free and better hosting service to their customers. It’s a usa based company. I highly recommend you to use this because of its good service and cheap rate.

Before starting a new blog, have a look on the advantages of having a blog.
  • Huge amount of money making chance
  • Own community building chance
  • Be the followers of others
  • Be your own boss
  • No time maintenance work
  • Forign job getting chance

If you are a student then blogging is very beneficial to you. See the exact reasons about why every student should start a blog.

How To Start A Blog With BlueHost

So, you decided to start a new blog using Wordpress blogging platform on reputed hosting provider Bluehost. Let us divide the full work in some steps.

10 steps to start a new blog
  1. Sign up for Bluehost
  2. Choose domain name
  3. Basic information, Hosting package and Billing method setup
  4. Install wordpress software
  5. Launch the blog
  6. Install theme and essential plugins
  7. Write essential pages (About, Contact, Privacy policy)
  8. Write posts
  9. Money making tips
  10. Some secrets of Blogging to be successful

1. Sign up for Bluehost

The first steps to start a blog is signing up for bluehost. Bluehost charges a cheap rate comparing other hosting service providers and gives a better service than others. So it’s better to use bluehost for hosting a new blog.

First Click On Sign Up for BlueHost.

Then click on “get started now”.

Choose the “basic” plan. As a starting stage to make money, basic plan is the best choice for you. It’s charges low which is perfect for the begineers.
2. Choose domain name

Domain name is the name of your blog. This is the unique address. It’s very important to choose the best domain name for your blog. Try to choose it according to your targeted keyword. So, decide now a targeted keyword by a free tool like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush or KWFineder. Choose the keyword that has a big amount of search volume and low competition. Main keyword in the domain name will be helpful for your website SEO.

Enter the domain name in the left blank box and choose the (.com) extension. Although it is default setup. Just check it.

3. Basic information, Hosting package and Billing method setup

Basic information
Enter your basic details like Name, Address, ZIP code, Phone no. and Country.

Hosting package
Choose the hosting package you like. If you want to buy the hosting for 36 months then choose it. You’ll see the price along with the package. So, choose one according to your ability. There are some additional services for make your blog more professional. You can use these. In this case, additional charge will be applied.

Billing method
Enter your billing details and setup the billing method. You can pay through Mastercard, Visa and PayPal.

Check the mark in the terms and conditions box. After entering all the details, click on “submit”. After submitting for purchase, you will be welcomed by Bluehost.
Then, you will be asked to choose your password for your bluehost account. Click on “Create your password”.
Choose a secure password. To make your password more secure include special signs and numbers along with the letters. Then click on “Next”.

This time you will see the login page of your bluehost account. Enter your username and password. Then click on “Submit”.

4. Install wordpress software

Click on "cpanel" from the Bluehost dashboard.
Now it’s time to install wordpress software.  Click on “Install Wordpress”.
Then click on “Install” to begin the installing process.
This time you’ll be asked to check your domain name again. Click on “Check Domain”.
A new form will be seen. Fill up the form with required informations. Then mark the terms and condition box and click on “Install Now”.
Note: Please don’t use the email as username because if you do this your email can be hacked by hackers. So use different names and letter in two places.

Your Installing process has been started. You will see the installing page like below.
After completing the installation process, click on “View Credientials”.
In this window, your site details will be seen.

5. Launch the blog

After getting site details, check the mail box again and you will receive login details. Click on the login link or type www.yourdomainname.com/wp-adminin the address bar and then go.

Login page will be appeared. Write the username and password to login to the wordpress dashboard.
This is the wordpress dashboard and your working area. Everything in your blog will be maintained from here.

6. Install theme and essential plugins

So, your land is ready and now you have to customize it to make it fartile for your seeds. You need to make your blog professional looking and beautiful designing. And you need some plugins for additional service. First, install a theme.

Theme installation
To do this, a beautiful and seo responsive theme is needed. Numerious beautiful themes are waiting for making your blog good and responsive which are totally free.  Here download 5 best wordpress themes for free. But if you want you can use the paid themes. Purchase a premium theme here on Mythemeshop for getting better result.
Download a theme from the above two link I provided. Paid theme will be the best but frees are also working enough. So, you have a theme now. The theme file for wordpress will be compressed (ZIP file). Now you are going to upload the theme for setup. Below steps follow to do this.

Go to “Appearance” and then “Themes”.

Here you’ll see many default wordpress themes which are not so professional and good looking. So, Click on “Add New”.

Click on “Upload Theme”. And choose the ZIP file of your downloaded theme. Click on “Install Now”.

Theme installing process will be started and it will end in a few seconds. Click on “Activate” to make it live instantly.

Install plugins
Wordpress is very popular for its plugins advantages. Plugins are very easy to use. Just connect it and use it. If you want to remove one, just delete it in one click. You can deactivate a plugin for temporary if you don’t want to use it for sometime. Have a look on some essential plugins which are must to install.

Akismet: A great plugin to stop spamming on your blog. Some bad minded persons are on online who leave unusual comments on blogs to make their site backlinks. This is spamming. And any kinds of spam is very harmful for a website. So, it is must to stop these works. In this case, akismet is a great plugin for stopping spam comments. Comments will be published only which you will approve. This is a very useful plugin really.

W3 Total Cache: It’s a almost all blogs using plugin which is used to increase site speed. Website speed is a great factor of website’s success. In a survey, it is seen that which blogs are load in a low speed, are losing their traffic day by day. And google also hates these site which are load slowly.

Wordfence Security: It secures wordpress blog. First safety of your blog is your secure password. But if your password is weak, wordfence keeps your blog secure. Hackers are always trying to break your site’s security to hack. So, increase security of your blog using this plugin.

Yoast SEO: The most using plugin in wordpress platform. You know SEO is the base of your audience. How better your website seo, how much traffic you’ll get. So, think about the importance of SEO in blogging. Most of the bloggers use wordpress as blogging platform only for Yoast SEO plugin. Really, it’s true. It helps to do better on site optimization and write seo optimized contents.

Shareaholic: It’s a social share plugin. Sharing is a great tool to increase visitors through social media. It helps to share contents in almost all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Now have a look on how you will install a plugin on wordpress.

First go to the “Plugins” menu from the left sidebar. Then click on “Add New”.
Type the plugin name on the search plugins blank box situated in the right. Your expected plugin will be visible if it exists. Choose the plugin and click on “Install Now”.

Then click on “Activate” to start working.

7. Write essential pages

Some pages like (About, Contact, Privacy policy etc.) are very important for a blog. Write these pages before writing contents for your blog. When you will write posts, will be easily ranked and Google adsense will be easily approved if these pages exist on the blog. Try to write these pages. Have a short description of these pages how you’ll write and how?

About Page
About page will contains the description about you, your background, it means everything about you. Write a good article describing your self in this page. You education, your hobby, what you want to do and why you start this blog, everything can be included about you.

Contact Page
Connection is very important for a blogger to be successful. Be connected with your audience. It helps to know your audience’s feedback. You will know the feelings and demands of your audience from which you can get the direction for your future updates. Here provide the email id, facebook page or id, twitter id and others social media you use.

Privacy policy
Your blog should have some privacy policy which makes your readers known about your blog law and what privacy law you use to keep your subscribers data. This is very important to get more subscribers for your blog. It’s not fair to share subscribers email  with anybody. If the readers be satisfied with your blog privacy policy, they will subscribe for your blog without any hesitation.   

8. Write posts

So, you have a land which is prepare for seeds. Articles are like seeds. Posts or articles are main element of a blog. Readers will be here on your blog just for your articles not for seeing your blog design, how’s nice your ads looking. So, make the main reason reasonable for audience to come. Write better contents which must be seo optimized and grammartically true.  Input keywords in your contents. You may know the word and see more about why content is king. To write better contents, see 5 powerful content writing techniques. As much as your blog articles will be catchy and seo optimized, your blog will be easily ranked in google.

9. Money making tips

Money making by blogging is the main goal. It’s easy to make money if a blog is ranked in Google. Audience is the heart of your blog money making capability. So, write better content and increase social media followers to get more visitors a day. When your blog will contain at least 50 post in total and have at least 200 unique visitors a day, then apply for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is the most popular making money program through blogging. It pays high rate and easy to get the payment. It’s CTR and CPC is also high than other ads companies. Although it quite hard to get a blog approved for Google Adsense, but if you do the same I said 50 posts and 200 unique visitors daily, you must get approved. So, try to make the blog getting visitors first.

10. Some secrets of Blogging to be successful

  • Some secrets are for successful blogging in below in a row.
  • Be patience (At least for 1 years)
  • Write well (around 500 posts)
  • Do better SEO (Off and On Page SEO both)
  • Make followers on social media (As much as you can)
  • Get email subscribers (As much as you can)

    Over to you
    If you like this article, then please share it on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In account. What’s on your mind after reading this article please write in the comment box. Start a blog today, make a huge amount of money and enjoy your life. Best wishes for you!

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