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Start A Blog At 1st January And Be Millionaire After 2018

Blogging has become like a business today. A lot of people around the world start a blog and becomes self denpendent for leading their life. Some of people becomes millionaire just in a few months by blogging. And this is such a business where nothing to lose. Just you have to adopt proper strategis. Some of the successful example who have made their blog better earning.
start a blog

Robin Khokar is a great example who becomes a well known blogger from India. He launched his blog Tricky Enough in the end of 2014 and now he is earning approximately $100 per day by this along with another image based blog Pixaocean. You will be surprised that he is still studying! To be sure about their success see their income reports article here how to make $100 per day by blogging. You can also do it by reading this article carefull and executing the steps I will mention.

Start a Blog is not like buying an elephant
Blog starting is can be done in three steps.

  • Buy domain and Hosting
  • Launch the blog
  • Start writing what you know

The first step is domain purchasing. You may think “Oh my God! Purchasing means I have to spent some money, I can’t!”. Just think you are going to invest some dollars, of course it’s less than $100, but your return will be approximately $100 per day and this will be increased day by day according to your blog traffic and this is for lifetime. You’ll easily leave your 10am to 4pm job one day when you’ll earned thousands of dollars a day.

Investment of $100 is not such a big deal in your daily life spent. You can do it very easily. I have shared a special like of host provider from Bluehost. You will get discount.

Are you jobless?
If you are jobless, then it comes a bound task to start a blog today. How much time and money you are spending for searching a job, you thought ever? Start your own company, make your name brand in online and a few days after you’ll be able to give jobs to others in stead of doing you. You will be the boss of you. No time maintance, no instructions form others. Really, you will enjoy that life a lot. Just start working on launching a blog today.

What you have to after launching?
No matter you don’t know a single word about blogging. Everything I have shown in the next article, how to start a blog and how you will make you successful. Just keep yourself with me.
You just need to write in your blog after launching about what you know or what you have learned or what you are going to learn and lastly what you will learn!

After the setup of your new blog select your blog niche on what topic you will write in your blog. You can select any. Suppose, you are a student of engineering, you can write on programming or coding, suppose you are student of arts you can write of history or related something, Suppose your are student of Commerce, you can write on Business ideas or related something. It’s not a big deal what topic you have used rather it’s important how much quality contents you write. Now if you are not a student at this time. You can choose any topic. Just try to be in online for reading some articles about your selected topic.

So, you have understood how much need a blog for being successful and you have decided to start one. To do this first sign up for Bluehost and move to the next article.

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